The amazing Valentina trains her black belt tkd and kickboxing skills: kicking action and strong beatdown/sparring destruciton action against a real h ...
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This video is from the "behind the scene" serie, SO IS A PHOTO NOVEL, and this time we show you some still shots and preview frames from the backstage ...
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A secret agent is sent to eliminate SAmy, the most famour spy of the "Spangar" a secret criminal organization. She is relaxing on the beach when he fi ...
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Olha's friend is totally obsessed by the Van Damme's movie Kickboxer: he is so obsessed that he tries to hypnotize her friend Olha and make her believ ...
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Alison, the martial arts teacher of the beach club is waiting for Giannini's comeback, the day next. As soon as he arrives she starts to show him all ...
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