This video is inspired to the famous Family Guy episode "Lethal Weapons"(Season3 Episode 7), but we have Valentina as protagonist instead of Lois Grif ...
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The beautifull and deadly Ely shows you different selfdefense strikes techniques, one after the other in an amazing one vs one aggression context, ind ...
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Amazing action from karate black belt and beauty Daphne, wearing black karategi and black belt: POV action, face kicks and kicking combinations on a h ...
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Olga and Sweety Aura are home relaxing, when they suddenly heard a noise coming from the door:someone is trying to break into their place indoor, and ...
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A challenge is set and to make it even more interesting there is a bet of 250 euro for the winner. Will Samy be able to beat down and submitt her male ...
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