There is an underground fight and the male opponent has just beat his opponent and wants to rest a bit. He will be one step closer to winning the grand prize. One of the spectators, Pamela, will arrive with a stylish outfit. Appear as a clumsy stumbling girl. She wants to get in the ring for the prize. He will laugh at her, and say to go somewhere else. She will tell him that she is black belt in karate and after watching his last fight she thinks that she can beat him. He will laugh at her, and doesn't believe it. He thinks this will be a fun fight and wants to humiliate her. He will accept the fight, she will bounce in joy. He will ask her to change her clothes. Pamela goes and changes to the white gi. She comes back. He will warn her that he does not take any responsibility if she gets hurt. She will tighten her belt and stand in front of him and bow. The fight begins. For the first part of this fight he beats her easily. Then She will sit on her leg, close her eyes, gather her strength and stand up. He wants to leave, thinking he is the winner. Pamela will stop him and say that she will show her true karate skills. She wants to show him how skilled she really is. Pamela is attacking stronger and stronger, humiliating him, and at the end she will stand aside and bow and jump happily for her win. Length: 15 minutes
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