Watch the kung fu expert Federica in action, indoor scenario, wearing shorts jeans and casual clothes, against an intruder. (The video contains neckbr ...
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Daphne, karate black belt beauty, wearing sprtive leggings and red sport bra, shows you many different selfdefense techniques and "how to break attack ...
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Splinterninja, indoor scenario, shows you how deadly she could be in her missions, killing her rivals with her deadly karate skills and her devastatin ...
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This video is the volume 2 of a mix of pure action and a preview from many of the videos starring the lovely but d eadly tkd black belt and kickboxing ...
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2nd chapter of this saga: Pierugo Giannini, 35 years old, is trying to recover from a serious illness that recently get even worst than before. Despit ...
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