Samy is a selfdefense/karate teacher and she is also a very beautifull girl. A guy called Giannini booked a private class. The lesson is fixed but whe ...
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Rosy shows and explains you different selfdefense techniques, in a night outdoor street scenario wearing casual dress. Just amazing!!! Length: 7 minu ...
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"Many kung fu wushu techniques are difficult to imagine applied to a real opponent". In this awesome video, Federica wiill show you how. DON'T MISS TH ...
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The beautifull Ylenia, indoor scenario, for a new and amazing special neckbreaks video: each final move is filmed from several angles and repeated jus ...
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In this video Daphne, wearing as a kind of schoolgirl, shows and you some of her deadliest karate moves done with a mifferent mix of punches and kicks ...
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