2nd chapter of this saga: Pierugo Giannini, 35 years old, is trying to recover from a serious illness that recently get even worst than before. Despite its apparence of tranqullity and submissiveness, he has problems with the female world. When he has any relationship with women he transforms and becomes violent, but recently he exagerates and tried also to rape some women, so that he had troiubles and have been also jailed for sometime, due to the getting worse of his strong sickness. He has already been treated one time treated by the famous therapydoctor Rosy Nanetti Thompson a specialist worldwide known , specialized in these kind of pathologies. Se is an amazing psychologust and black belt in karate too, specialist in the recovery of violent subjects and famous for her shocking therapies...if their first met isn't been enough she is now ready for the second chapter of her shocking therapy, where she will focus in striking only his groin area Length: 10 minutes
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